The trainer and founder of KOBUKAN, Wolfgang Spielvogel (4. Dan Karate, 4. Dan Aikido, 4. Dan Okinawa Kobudo, Tai Chi Chuan instructor), who since 1979 has dedicated himself to the intensive study of Martial Arts through different masters.

During stays in Japan and Okinawa, he learnt the Japanese training methods and philosophy. He has received trainer and examiner licenses from the Bavarian Karate Federation (1988), the German Karate Association (1993 and 2003), from Aikido Yoshinkan Germany (1987), Yoshinkan in Tokyo (1992 and 2001),  from Inoue Sensei of the Shinwakan (2010) and the Okinawa Kobudo Association. 

Since 1987 Wolfgang Spielvogel has provided instruction to numerous clubs. From 1984-2103 he was head of the dojo Kobukan in Munich.

In his memory, the association continues with the following trainers: 
Wolfgang Spitzauer (2. Dan Karate), Mathias Gruensteidl (1. Dan Karate),

Wolfgang Spitzauer

Mathias Gruensteidl

Mathias Gruensteidl