Aikido Yoshinkan

AikidoNote: Regular Aikido courses will be suspended from October 2014 until further notice.


The character "AI" is generally translated as harmony. "AI" stands for energy. This refers to the all-pervading universal energy, the elemental force of life. Through constant training and a clear, open mind, we can harmonize with the movement of the universe and achieve unity with the universe itself. Then the battle is over before it has begun. "DO" is the way.

Aikido has become one of the purest forms of Japanese martial arts. Building on the traditional fighting techniques developed by Aikijutsu O-Sensei Ueshiba early last century, this method of unarmed self-defense seeks to redirects an attacks energy and use it to control the attacker.

Kobukan in Munich Schwabing we teach in Aikido Yoshinkan is (合 気 道 养神 馆). Aikido Yoshinkan was founded by Gozo Shioda Sensei, who witnessed the development of Aikido Ueshiba an uchi deshi (inner student). From these learnings, Shioda Sensei developed the analytical and didactic structure of the Yoshinkan Aikido style. Wolfgang Spielvogel's teacher Shihan (Grand Master) Hiromichi Nagano was an uchi deshi of Shioda Kancho Sensei.

To defend themselves effectively against weapons, Aikido-ka (aikido students) must learn and understand the weapons. Therefore students train with Tanto (knife), bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (staff). By renouncing sparring the effective and aesthetic techniques of Aikido stay in their original form.


The goal of the defense techniques of Aikido is to convince the attacker that what they do is meaningless. Aikido-ka use the power of the attacker to put them off balance or to gain leverage to control them. O-Sensei Ueshiba says: "Aikido is the lack of resistance and because it offers no resistance, it is always victorious." The path of harmony and the spirit knows no limit: Although with age, the physical powers wane, spiritual forces can be trained further and developed. Not the goal is important, but "DO", the way.